Providence, Mahe, Seychelles

Package Three: Systems Development



Everything in Package Two Plus

A system is a set of aactions that you consistently perform every day in order to streamline your success and reach your goals.  Systems carry you through every single goal you set.  Systems help the business thrive by allowing it to earn new clients and please old ones simultaneously.
This package will include the automation of 80% of your business and keeping the remaining 20% for strategy and creativity.

Business Values and Personal Values. Background to Market, Target Audience, Competition Offering Messages, Sales and Buying Processes, Pricing, Understanding Your Ideal Client Competition – SWOT, PESTLE, Balance Scorecard and Expanded 7-S Framework




The business will run consistently and with certainty. The processes that work will be automated along with target setting, tracking and adjustment mechanisms. The business will operate with or without the presence of its leader(s), allowing for opportune time for strategic analyses.

Maximum Price: